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Advanced Therapeutic Massage Overview

Class Overview

Beginning Therapeutic Massage
This class gives an overview of what massage therapy is today as well as a thorough understanding of the techniques of traditional Swedish massage. Students will learn the strokes of Swedish massage, basic anatomy and physiology, the bones and major muscles of the body, proper body mechanics, and a step- by-step routine for each body part in order to effectively practice massage. Our entire program prides itself on being mostly hands-on. There are at least 2 1/2 hours of massage in every class. This class is fun, focused, and exciting, yet very challenging.

Deep Tissue Massage
Going beyond the basics, this class offers massage techniques that affect the deep layers of muscle and tissue responsible for holding chronic patterns of pain. Students learn advanced palpitation skills and proper body mechanics, making massage easier on the therapist and more effective for the client. Trigger-point therapy, myofascial massage, and sports massage are the main focus.

Injury Assessment & Treatment with Massage
This class focuses on injuries and orthopedic massage. We address 20 of the most common injuries or complaints a massage therapist might encounter. From head to toe, we look at proper assessment of each injury, massage techniques, and stretching and strengthening to properly facilitate the healing of each injury. Detailed anatomy of each injury is discussed with specific techniques that take massage beyond “just relaxing.”

Anatomy and Physiology
This class is equivalent to a college Level 1 anatomy class. We look at all of the systems of the body, with extra emphasis on the systems of the body most important to massage therapists. There is a lot of information, but Dr. Barnes makes it fun and exciting. From Legos to artwork, Dr. Barnes brings much creativity to class to make anatomy interesting and easy to learn.

Anatomy and Physiology Home Study/Correspondence Course
At your own pace and on your own schedule, you can do this course. Buy your book, read the textbook, complete the workbook, and take a test after each chapter.

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